These days the desire to grow your own food and living by the principals of the land are becoming more popular amongst urban backyard families.

We are letting go of the need to have acres and realising that we can create an abundance of food and resource in the smallest of backyards.

So, what is Urban Homesteading?

It is to live a simple and self-reliant life, where you take a step backwards and live more simply and purposefully in the comfort of your own backyard.

Let me share with you the definitions written by Path to Freedom – Urban Homestead.

Urban Homesteading [ur-buh n hohm-sted] ©Path to Freedom – Urban Homestead.

  1. A suburban or city home in which residents practice self-sufficiency through home food production and storage.
  2. The home and garden of a person or family engaging in sustainable small scale agriculture and related activities designed to reduce environmental impact and increase self-sufficiency.
  3. A name describing the home of a person or family living by the principals of low-impact, sustainable self-sufficiency through activities such as gardening for food production, cottage industry, extensive recycling and generally simple living.

In other words it is a lifestyle that promotes greater self-sufficiency.
We have created four Urban Homesteading Workshops to help inspire you through hands-on learning and the principals of simple self-sufficiency as we move into Spring.  Each workshop has been designed to give you the tools you need to take home and begin your journey in living more sustainably.

We have you covered from the backyard to the kitchen, with an abundance of fun interaction and a wealth of knowledge, so you will be confident in beginning your journey in living a simple self-sufficient life.

When you register in one of our Urban Homesteading Workshop, you can be assured with confidence that you are going to enjoy the whole experience.