Our mission here at Sustainable Education is to educate and inform you about all things to do with living sustainably and living consciously through workshops run locally in your community.

From keeping backyard chickens, composting, worm farming, no dig yards, permaculture, organic gardening, sustainable eating, the recycled kitchen, bee keeping, preserving food and natural fertilizers and pest control – we cover it all!

My hobby became a passion when I realised how important it was to create a simple yet effective sustainable backyard.  So here at Sustainable Education we have an expert team of facilitators to inspire you with their knowledge of living consciously through workshops run locally in your community.

If you are anything like me, you are thinking that this whole sustainability journey is hard work and there maybe some confusion about where to begin. Well, I would be lying to you if I said that it was a click of the finger and it was done, but the truth is once you are educated through one of our specialty workshops the rest is easy.

Treating yourself and your family to the wonderful experience of growing your own produce and having chickens in your backyard will create lasting memories for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you rent or own your own home you can now have the eco experience right at your fingertips, and our team will show you how.

Sustainable Education run professional workshops throughout Australia, offered by local Councils and privately.  If you are interested, please click through to see what workshops we are running, or send us an enquiry and one of our friendly team will contact you directly.

Mel Cooper
Founder, Sustainable Education


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