Sustainable Education run professional workshops throughout Australia offered by local Councils.

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Sustainable Education Workshops

raising backyard chickens (1)Keeping Backyard Chickens

The chicken has amazing credentials. What other backyard animal, is a composter, weed controller, pest controller, creator of natural fertiliser and food production all in one? From humble beginnings, the backyard chicken is known as micro livestock pet. In fact it is the only sustainable backyard pet.  The workshops are informative and vast in the fundamentals of keeping backyard chickens, cover topics such as Council Regulations, Animal welfare, Health & Safety, Choosing the right breed for you and your family, Point of lay, Housing, Feeding, Egg handling, Health and Sustainability.  For enquiries please contact us.

FacilitatorsComposting and Worm Farming

In the Composting and Worm Farming Workshop you will learn about: How to create wonderful, rich compost, the basis of any great garden. A number of methods of composting, including a practical session creating a compost heap from freely obtainable resources. Worm farming and how to use “worm tea” and “worm castings”. How to create your own worm farm from “waste” products. For enquiries please contact us.

Slider 5Beyond Compost – Create No Dig Gardens

Learn how to create a no dig garden and use your compost to create abundance. No dig gardens can be established anywhere, even on concrete surfaces, and are a quick and effective way to create a productive garden, which is water efficient and full of goodness for your plants. Learn about the materials used to create this layered composting garden system. This is a practical workshop with hands on facilitation. For enquiries please contact us.

workshopsOrganic Gardening

Learn how to garden organically, without the use of toxic synthetic chemicals, which create health issues for you and the environment. The focus will be on productive edible gardens, however the principles apply to all types of gardening and agriculture. We will find out how to nurture the soil with compost, plant seasonally, use companion planting, crop rotation, natural fertilisers made from the garden and natural pest remedies to create a natural and abundant garden. This is a practical workshop with hands on facilitation. For enquiries please contact us.

Slider 1Your Recycled Kitchen Garden

Turn junk into jewels, waste into wonder! Using reclaimed items (sometimes called waste, or garbage) to create a low cost productive garden. In this workshop we will use items commonly thrown out into landfill, compost (created from “waste”) and reclaimed plants (that is, plants, cuttings and seeds borrowed from a friend’s garden), to create a recycled kitchen garden. Learn how to reassess, reuse, repurpose and reap the benefits! For enquiries please contact us.

Slider 4Backyard Permaculture

This short workshop gives you an overview of how to create a home permaculture garden that is productive and “eco-friendly”. Good design is the basis of a productive garden, so come and learn some basic permaculture design principles and practices, that will help you establish your own abundant vegie garden. For enquiries please contact us.

Slider 2Sustainable Eating

Learn how to make sustainable food choices, to help save the planet and save you time and money. The distances our food travels to us is at an all time high, and so is our level of food wastage. Find out how to know the difference between products that are organic, natural, ethical and fair trade. Feel more confident reading food labels. Learn about reducing food miles and food wastage. For enquiries please contact us.

Slider 7Natural Fertilisers and Pest Control

In this hands on workshop learn about how to support your organic garden with a natural approach to fertilising and pest control. Learn more about integrated pest management, good bugs and bad bugs, companion planting and how to make natural fertilisers and natural pest control remedies from items in your pantry and garden. You will leave the workshop feeling confident you can manage your garden organically. For enquiries please contact us.

Slider 3Natural Bee Keeping

We now offer Beekeeping workshops in both Native Beekeeping and Honey Beekeeping. You will learn the fundamental basics in keeping bees and how to sustain healthy bee practices. Some of the topic’s covered in this workshop are the history of bees, bee hive and its make-up, hives on your property, where to get your bees from, honey flow, extraction, properties of honey, diseases and issued affecting honey bees, bee clubs and Q&A.  For enquiries please contact us.

Preserving & PicklingSlider 9

Is an age old practice to sustainably keep food and reduce household waste. This workshop is interactive, hands on fun. We run workshops based on the principle of sustainable eating and the things we teach in these workshops are seasonal so we can pickle and preserve anything.  For enquiries please contact us.

Backyard Permaculture

 For enquiries please contact us.

Vertical Gardenspallet-vertical-garden-4

This workshop is an interactive, hands on and definitely fun, where the participants will learn to make a vertical garden out of recycled pallets. They will have hands on experience, building a pallet vertical garden and they will learn the right materials to use, detailed step by step instruction and the best plants to use, from herbs to succulents. Get creative and get the kids to paint the pallets before you put your own together.  For enquiries please contact us.

Small Space Gardening

plant of cabbage and leaves in vases of an urban garden on the terrace of the apartment in the city

Short on space? Here’s where you will learn to garden in unexpected places so you can grow your own veggies and herbs to an amazing garden for all to enjoy. You will learn all the different and affordable options for planting, what to plant and how to maintain your small space garden for producing great fruit and veggies the whole family can enjoy.  For enquiries please contact us.

 Wicking Bed

Garden1A wicking bed is a garden bed with a waterproof lining that holds a reservoir of water at the bottom from which water is draw upwards like a wick to the surface of the bed via natural soil osmosis or through the roots of plants in the bed. Basically it works like large Decor self-watering pot. In this workshop you will learn the basics to making your own Wicking Bed, from materials to detailed instructions and the correct method to get the best results.  For enquiries please contact us


 Sustainable Housing

Making A Solitary Bee Hive

Recycled Garden Art

Biodiversity and Habitat

Good Bugs, Bad Bugs and Companion Planting

Medicinal Gardens

Chemical Free Living

Making Beeswax Wraps

Seed Saving and Propagation