For the love of chickens.

The ooh’s the ah’s and the definite do not’s, in Keeping Backyard Chickens!

As I sit here and reflect over the last 12 years of my backyard journey, I remembered feeling overwhelmed, because I believed creating a sustainable future for myself and my family was a bigger task than I could handle myself. The reality is, I simply needed a starting point, but true to my form, I decided that I was a super hero disguised in mum’s clothing, who could conquer anything and create it all at once. No wonder the thought of a sustainable backyard caused me more stress than the inner wellspring of peace I was looking for.

Chickens are classified as a micro livestock pet which you can keep in your backyard, but they are also the only sustainable pet, so what better choice? Whilst I was getting used to keeping chickens and discovering that every one of my girls had their own personality, I learnt in great detail their habits and behaviours, discovered their likes and dislikes and enjoyed their bountiful supply of fresh free-range eggs. I was happy as, and on my way to creating my sustainable backyard and my goal was slowly being realized

I am not a new age hippy or a sustainability guru and I didn’t go to uni to learn about our environment and the importance of sustainability. I gained my knowledge and experience directly from the source and now my passion has turned into helping others create their very own sustainable backyard. Find your starting point and begin. Watch the magic of your garden unfold and you will create smiles that will last through generations giving you and your family a lifetime of joy. And a garden full of delicious gifts.

So, I wrote a book called “For The Love Of Chickens”.  It is a simple to read guide for anyone who is wanting to add chickens to the family.  And you can have this amazing resource downloaded straight to your inbox for $11, because we are all about saving trees.

You can purchase your copy here today and it will arrive in your inbox in no time.