This simple guide includes everything you need to know about keeping backyard chickens and the importance of backyard sustainability.

Keeping Backyard Chickens is easy and affordable for the whole family. Not only do you get to enjoy the pleasure of interacting with your girls, you get the added benefits of free range eggs, which are a nutritious powerhouse, you get chemical free fertiliser for your garden, the benefits of having your lawn mowed and your organic pest and weed controllers.


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Did I forget to mention  …. the added benefit of reducing your household food scrap wastage buy up to 70%? You see chickens are now classified through councils as a sustainable pet and because we can feed them our food scraps, it is natural that we reduce our greenhouse gasses. What would be even better is if you added a worm farm and a compost bin, but hey that’s another chapter to this website.

Everything you have ever wanted to know about keeping backyard chickens is in my book KEEPING BACKYARD CHICKENS which is conveniently downloaded onto your computer so you can get busy planning the day your girls move in.

“I know it is one of the best decisions I made for my family and we have never looked back. It has now been well over 7 years of having our gorgeous girls share residence with us. And whilst we have lost a few of them, we have always added more. It has become a way of life for us that I did only dream about and thought it was the too hard basket, but I am so glad I took the first steps and now, like every other aspect of my life it has become a daily practice. So grateful.”

There are so many reasons why keeping backyard chickens is beneficial for the whole family!

Chooks are a multi-functional micro livestock.

They are the only sustainable pet.

They lay nutritious eggs

They are fabulous gardeners.

Great for compost.

Fabulous for food scraps, helping to reduce household wastage.

Organic pest and weed controllers.

They have personality plus!


Buy the digital book now for only $7.00!