Our mission at Sustainable Education is to educate and inform you about all things to do with living sustainably and living consciously and inspiring healthy change in the lives of communities locally and nationally.

“It is real life, everyday people who can make a difference by implementing one simple change that creates an everlasting impact on the environment.”

Sustainable Education offers informative, fun and interactive workshops for all ages.  With over 30 workshops available, from growing your own veggies, raising chickens, backyard permaculture, and including our sustainable food and fashion tours, that educate in the importance reducing waste, inspiring healthy change and buyer awareness!

My hobby became a passion when I realised how important it was to create a simple yet effective sustainable backyard.  So here at Sustainable Education we have an expert team of facilitators to inspire you with their knowledge of living consciously through workshops run locally in your community.

Sustainable Education run professional workshops throughout Australia, offered by local Councils, Schools, Pre-Schools and the private sector.

If you are interested, please click here to see what workshops we are running, or send us an enquiry and one of our friendly team will contact you directly.

Mel Cooper
Founder, Sustainable Education

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